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We've been lucky to have been chosen for an enormous project over the past years by a reputable Rehab Management Processing company who allowed us to create a vast and complex CMS by utilizing our combined knowledge, by implementing many object-oriented programming inventions, and by gaining the required industry-specific proficiency to become the foremost experts for this client in that field.
HIPAA Compliant Claims Submission and Payment Advise via API, X12, v 5010, 837, 835, 270/271, ICD-10...
Payment Management System: We've combined the best and most useful features of the two leading Billing Providers in the Rehab / Healthcare Claims industry on a much more user-friendly design, then added additional highly efficient time- and cost saving customized functions like multi-line-item-entries, automatic balance transfer and deductible calculations, automated line item disbursement in % of payer balloon payments, automated claims creation of transfers and/or denials, automated write-off & charge vs. allowable calculations, and much more.
Patient Insurance Verifications
API-based procedure allowing you to instantly verify and retrieve the patient's payer data, coverage, co-pay, deductible and other mandatory details to proceed with the patient process.
Statements & Reports
We've created reports in details never seen before. More detailed and easier to use than Crystal Reports, our reports are fully integrated in the system, and require no extra steps to instantly display all available values. Process reports, Task reports, Sales reports, Purchase Order reports, Billing reports, and miscellaneous Executive and Profitability Statistic reports illustrating anything you'll  ever need for the company leadership to successfully plan and adjust the business.Reports have adjustable access privileges, a detailed selectable search, and a variety of export functions.
Accounting Systems
         Accounts receivable
         Accounts payable
         Order entry & purchasing
         Inventory control
         Cost accounting
         Fixed assets accounting
         Tracking systems
Billing Systems
Automated billing is an action in which the invoicing for goods and services occurs without the need to prepare the invoice by hand. Our billing systems of this type provides the ability to generate and send electronic copies of the invoices to the recipents. The use of this type of billing software makes it possible to manage the invoicing process with greater efficiency, saving the client both time and money.
Fax Management System
Electronic Signature System

Task Management System
Originally designed for another web-based "SmartApp" in 2010, we were able to utilize the gained experience in a similar way to accomplish an automated, sequentially coordinalted, program-regulated workflow throughout the entire process.